General Guidelines for Making Grants

  1. Preference is extended to those applicants that received foundation contributions prior to December 1983.

  2. All applications should be signed by authorized persons or officials of the institution making the request. All applicants must have been determined by the IRS to be tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the I.R.C and classified as "not a private foundation" as defined under section 509(a). Photocopies of the above determination letter must be submitted at the time of the first application to the foundation. Copies will not be required with each additional application.

  3. A standard grant application form is not required for grants of $15,000 or less, but it is available and is of help to the trustees in evaluating proposals. The grant form should accompany grant requests exceeding $15,000.

  4. Grants are made to organizations located in the Alexandria, Louisiana metropolitan area, and for projects that primarily benefit Alexandria. The trustees review and study each proposal submitted, but many worthwhile needs cannot be met because of the limited funds available for distribution each year. A limited amount of funding is available for projects outside of Alexandria, primarily the New Orleans and Seattle areas.

  5. No awards to individuals will be considered or granted.

  6. No awards for fundraisers will be considered or granted.

  7. Grants for endowments will generally not be considered or granted.

  8. The trustees make no commitment or guarantees regarding future grants from the foundation. In view of the limited funds for distribution and the number of qualified applicants, the trustees suggest that proposals not be submitted in consecutive years.

  9. To obtain a grant application, please email with your name, a description of your organization. a brief outline of the objectives of the grant project, and how the project will benefit our target areas.